Menu with columns

In this theme we have implemented a new feature – a menu with columns:

menu with columns


You can easily manage this menu item in the default Menus option of the Appearance section in WordPress. First of all you should enable the 'show CSS classes’ in the Screen Options, available at the top of the WordPress admin panel:


screen options


Then you can configure your menu:




In the menu options for a first-level menu item (the first menu you would see if highlighting the menu at the top of the frontpage) you should add a specific class: menu-cols-x (Where 'x’ is the number of columns; this class supports 2, 3 or 4 columns e.g. menu-cols-2 for a 2 column menu item) then configure the other menu items as normal, as default menu items in WordPress (use an indent to assign a menu item to the preferred level).

[warning] Remember that you can use these classes only on first-level menu items; sub-menus are not supported.[/warning]

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